Exposition Photo Amsterdam Mark Marlon AEPOM
duo/solo exposition ‘AEPOM’ in ArtChapel. Currently on display in Hotel Arena, Amsterdam -updated Feb ’23—– 21 photo’s in silence.

I, M, State…

If you were to place it in art-history than use the term; Neo-Dutch Perspective. That’s the strong angle. It shows other viewpoints without trying to mask it’s doing just that. Tricking anyone into believing its doing anything else is unbecoming.  It’s not what the current status-quo needs. Therefore; Bare trickery.

It’s just that which underscores or even proofs the non-solipsistic experience of One reality. One truth for everything to be experienced.

Of course it’s light that prevails. All those more solid matters or occurrences including oxygen, water, stones etc. we’re, also scientifically,  so primordially acquainted with and could use some evolution in that area. Also; Waves.

Water is a red river thread throughout the work. A fluid vantage point which reoccurs  even in political sentiment that should be required to keep a grasp of the actual necessities of the times as apposed to rigidly reclining into any conviction. I believe there’s no real difference, resistance truly is useless, and all the work is per definition an apt registration of current relations throughout.   

I’m soley Facilitating Spontaneity. –

– by simply gathering the facets and not doing any directing.  In doing so getting rid of the terribly unwanted sense of unsafety or other idle modes subjects -both humans and inertia- might experience, resulting in them feeling at ease and willingly successful in granting acces both emotionally and physically. Well deserved   Trust. Void of judgement. Full of humor.

On a personal note in this personal statement, I’ve concluded it’s a recommendable succes strategy to get rid of the inclination towards SuperPosition  (i.e. potential state until a second factor comes into play e.g. an assignment , reoccurring  in the photographs and personal mindset). ‘Sprezzatura’, or a certain nonchalance, in approach and practice is necessary to maintain a natural state in the subject which subsequently reveals it’s true colors by design.

To be honest, I like snapshots better. I never experience a dull moment. Also without a camera there.

—draft state.

. everlasting potential state so many -the young especially- deal with today due to the seemingly(!) endless possibilities one encounters, its a cliché. <— relevant still nonetheless.

     Unfinishedness is where,  along with autodidactation, lies my preference. Which is a very uncomfortable condition considering the paralel believe that one must strive to deliver one’s outmost best and therefor things better be developed before you bother anybody else with them.

Even-though having the rational knowledge of it (…perfection) being unobtainable /omnipresent already taken into consideration the clichés keep coming.. Luckily, chaos from a birds perspective fits together perfectly.

Unfinished, or the absence of demarcation, creates confusion and unclarity. Deliberately, I’ve excepted the kind of harsh task of living those uncertainties from my teenage years onwards. Somehow knowing evolution couldn’t be reached any other way. Now 30 y/o and having only recently obtained the understanding of an artists’ role in societies, namely; To to go into the unknown and report back their findings, brought some personal relief because of the clear value it entails.

In the works the blurry lines of unclarity are always openly shown and by doing so it is exactly that which becomes its framework.  – -/+.

Concretely reporting the findings proves to be a difficult but very cathartic rite du passsage into solid results which are most likely somewhere near you right now. I’m happy about that.

—End draft state.

Inclusiveness, or true love, is only reached through attention.

In the act of capturing form, the time spend with subjects and ensuring them being represented wholly, requires full presence. Or better yet; taking shape with the entire spectrum of circumstances. Understandably, -due to biological up-keeping needs-  humans tend to dwell on recognizable patterns and conditioning that both require time to obtain.  Learning those away does also. And is quite necessary  in order to let God into the room, so to speak. Or at least create space for life to take an original shape.  That’s what I’m here to do.

– Mark Marlon (1988)

Second opinion remains a second guess. Distilling reason as we go. Solidifying the state formerly known as SuperPosition.